Easter vs Coachella weekend, who will RISE to the occasion.

I won’t lie, I had a ticket to Coachella ready to go but I had second thoughts on the whole expense plus other things. I’m already going to some sick ass concerts and I can’t even name half the people performing at Coachella. To be honest I really just wanted to go see Lady Gaga and just to go so not really a good reason. My not going did make a friend really happy when I sold her my pass to the very sold out event. I could’ve been your typical reseller and put it up on Craigslist for double what I paid but I’m not about that life. My instagram and snapchat feeds are Coachella all day erryday. Even Nikki *Mufikkin* Blackketter is there. (google her)

I still don’t regret it.

So far this weekend I’ve taken care of some designs I had to finish and also edited some photos for a shoot I did. I did a couple other things but nothing super ridiculously exciting. It’s Easter weekend though and he has RISEN. I will drop some knowledge on another post going over my views on religion and all that BUT it will not be on this post so stay tuned… if you want.

Have a good Easter & Coachella weekend.

P.S – i’m craving an horchata iced latter from  Tierra Mia Coffee I may or may not make the hour drive for. My fave location is Long Beach, plus it’s the closest.



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