Why Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 sucks…

Said no one ever! At least not according to all the reviews I have read where they are ranting and raving about this film. I almost want to get super hype for it but at the end I don’t want to be disappointed. I’m a movie buff and a super geek for these films so something like that could kill me. I guess I will have to wait until Thursday to decide for myself. Expect a full review on Friday.

This past weekend I had a mole removed and taken for a biopsy which is pretty standard. When I told a friend of mine they were freaking out asking if I was nervous about the results. Honestly I’m not the type of person to freak out over medical test results, I’m a true believer that life will not give you more than you can handle. Yes I said life not God; I just want to meet in the middle since maybe you and I don’t have the same beliefs. All I know is my annoying mole is gone. Am I worried it’s going to be some deadly result? No. Also! I’m going to Vegas for the 3rd time as an adult! Woohoo! (Vicki Gunvalson style- RHOC) Let’s see how it goes as I make my way there next week looking for trouble.

Ok so I’ll be back sometime this week, don’t miss me. I’ll miss you. Jk!



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