Heather and Maks ELIMINATED from Dancing With the Stars. So shocked my desk chair broke!

See! My chair really did break from me standing up to receive the results and then throwing myself back in shock.

After Monday night’s show of Dancing with the Stars I was left utterly confused about the viewers likes and dislikes. A few weeks back (or last week?) I mentioned to my niece that based on “popularity” votes and judges scores Erika Girardi and Gleb Savchenko would be leaving the competition- I was right.


But last night was different as Maks returned and he got Heather he perfect 10, they had an amazing dance but the viewers were not behind them. I have heard a lot about viewers not finding it “fair” that Heather has dancing experience yet if you’ve been watching the show you can see she has also struggled in the competition. I could’ve been a professional IT technician 10 years ago but it doesn’t mean that after being out for that long I will still have the same skill set as things change. At the end of the day Dancing with the Stars is a competition and the show must go on, but not after a lot of booing from the audience. Even Tom Bergerson said, “In 24 seasons that is probably the most vocally unhappy reaction we’ve gotten about a result.”

Before the most shocking moment, the show was filled with sex appeal, hot dances, hot DANCERS, and of course celebrity judge Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys. Would it me wrong for me to say I was #TeamNSYNC?

Excellent show with a disappointing ending. But the show must go on. I am happy to say #TeamBabyGotBach is still going strong. Also, happy to see #TeamBladesofGlory and #TeamDenimNDiamonds.

Disclaimer: I am not biased towards any team.