What a week and it’s barely Wednesday.

I feel like it’s barely Wednesday and so much sh*t has happened. So much to digest without using too many words.

I woke up wide awake this morning at 3am and could not go back to sleep so I decided to browse my social media. Before I could even open any apps a notification this came up Aaron Hernandez, Former New England Patriots Star, Found Dead in Prison Cell: Official; my first thought was WTF. So of course I started browsing around reading different articles and apparently Aaron Hernandez committed suicide.  To be honest as I was reading the article my mind immediately went to him being killed, don’t know how, by who, but it is a huge possibility it was an inside job. We all know the system has it’s loopholes and when someone wants something done they will get it done. The truth may never come out, as of now this man committed suicide and that’s the story because that’s how it looked by him having the sheet or what ever tied to his neck.

At the end of the day Aaron Hernandez is a FATHER, son, brother, etc, and despite what he did I do feel for his family because they will forever carry the cross and pain for him.

Another shocker for me was the La La and Carmelo Anthony split. Though I am saddened for their child; I can’t say I’m shocked. La La Anthony (soon Vazquez) is a 37 year old mother, entrepreneur, actress, and she did the wife thing very well from what we could see. Carmelo Anthony is 32, a player who has not won any championship rings, a good father, and a man who tried to play husband as best as he could. If you go back to their dating years he did not want to commit and I think that part of him moving towards marriage was more of an expectation, something he might of genuinely wanted but never was really ready for. They lasted a long time but it was time for their to face their realities and split. Now cheating is just disgusting and if he fathered a child I’m sure he will be a man about it and be a present force like with his young son. La La is a beautiful talented woman who will continue her path and eventually find a partner who will fulfill her needs in a partner.

Stay tuned for Thursday.